What are the Odds? Popular Types of Odds Today

What are the odds and what are all the questions surrounding this issue? Today, 50JILI will explain in detail. This content is not new, but there is still a lot you do not know. This information is essential, especially for professional bettors, if you want to invest long-term.

What are the odds?

Odds is a term reserved for bets. It is understood as the conversion rate when you win a bet at an online bookmaker. This rate appears in all soccer bets, necessary information for each bettor.

What are the Odds?

Odds play an essential role in the gambling industry by providing the information that players need. They are determined by the bookmaker and based on a general analysis of the match. Due to consideration from experts, they are often highly accurate.

Classify them

Gambling operates in many countries, each with its own Odds rate. Let’s see in detail each of the most common ratios below:

Odds rate classification

European Odds

European Odds are considered the cradle for other regions. The characteristics of the odds here are common for both bonuses and bets. The symbol “1.00” is always larger than this level. When playing European bookies, you will easily see it. The formula for calculating winnings in Europe is (Total money received = Bet amount x ratio). If you lose the bet, the bet amount will be deducted.

Odds Hong Kong

Hong Kong is based on European Odds and we are similar in these two areas. The symbol “0.00” is always higher than this level. To calculate the money received when winning, you apply the formula (Total money received = Bet amount + “Bet amount x ratio”). If so, all bet amounts will be deducted.

Odds Indo

The Indo ratio has a connection with the Hong Kong ratio. In case the Hong Kong ratio is higher than 1.00, we have the following 2 cases:

Is a positive number: Total money received = Bet + (Bet x ratio)
Is a negative number: Total money received = Bet + (Bet/odds).

Other Odds rates

In addition to the above 3 rates, you will also encounter 2 other rates, although less popular but still widely used in some countries:


Sometimes the MALAY Odds ratio (MY ODDS) is characterized by positive and negative numbers. This format is challenging to confuse with the rest. If you are a long-time player, you will see that the rates are similar to those of Hong Kong. There are 2 specific cases as follows:

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Positive rate (symbol: 1.00): Total money received = Bet + (Bet x ratio)
Negative odds (symbol: -1.00): Total amount received = (Bet x ratio) + (Bet x 1.00).


In the US, the specificity is quite complicated and is also a rarely used ratio. Therefore, access for first-time players is complicated compared to the remaining rates. Most Hong Kong rates are lower than 1.00, so the formula to calculate the US rate is as follows: -1/Hong Kong rate = -1/0.88 = -1.13.
Asian bookmakers are very fond of the MALAY Odds ratio, so we will guide you on how to read this ratio correctly because we will encounter it daily.

According to the photo above, we have Villarreal (Home) facing Osasuna (Away). Villarreal handicap 0-0.5 with a bonus rate of 0.89, leaving Osasuna -0.97; the explanation of these odds according to a bet of $100 is as follows:

If you bet on Villarreal to win (enough money), 100 x 0.89 = 89$, this is the amount you will profit. In case you lose, you lose $100

If you bet on Osasuna to win (enough money), 100 x 0.97 = $97; this is the amount you profit. If you lose completely, now calculating Unfavorable Odds, you will only lose $97. At the MALAY Odds rate, if you lose, you only lose the negative amount previously specified, not all the money you bet.

Which Odds ratio is beneficial for bettors?

Which Odds ratio is beneficial for bettors?

Many new players are wondering what ratio is appropriate when betting. This question is practically meaningless because each ratio has its advantages and disadvantages, all of which create the most fairness for both bets.

There is no single most advantageous odds rate; they are just different depending on the knowledge of each area. So you can freely choose whatever rate you want. Of course, when registering to play at foreign casinos, you should comply with their regulations.


Phmacao answers for bettors, new players, especially, must understand this question more deeply. Of course, to understand it better, you need to experience it. Before placing a bet, ensure you have carefully read the regulations of each system.

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