Secrets to Shooting H5 Fish at PHMACAO for Beginners

Shooting H5 Fish is one of the games with the most visitors from famous bookmakers today. At PHMACAO, this game is always ranked at the top of the hottest games in this house. And to help players become a masters when participating in this game genre. Today, let’s learn together the secret to playing H5 fish shooting at PHMACAO for new players.

General Overview of Fish Shooting H5

General Overview of Fish Shooting H5

H5 Fish Shooting is an online game designed with a sharp graphics system and extremely attractive effects. This game always gives participants extremely interesting experiences.

At PHMACAO, this game has extremely simple gameplay but is no less attractive. Not only that, here players also receive many large rewards equivalent to the number of fish the player shoots during participation.

To be able to play fish shooting, players only need to choose the guns that best suit the number of slots they have (1 slot corresponds to 1 bullet). And proceed to shoot bullets at the fish on your screen interface. Then collect the scores corresponding to those fish.

Secrets to Shooting H5 Fish at PHMACAO Bookmaker

Secrets to Shooting H5 Fish at PHMACAO Bookmaker

To become a master in H5 fish shooting. In addition to understanding the rules of the game as well as choosing the right gun for the amount of capital you have. Players also need to pocket some tips below.

Apply pan shooting strategy

With the psychology of players, most bettors want to shoot at big fish to earn more coins. However, this is not a good strategy for bettors with a small amount of capital. Because big fish have great value, it will mean losing a lot of bullets to be able to defeat them. The way for you to both save bullets and have a high chance of hitting big fish is to apply the pan-shooting strategy.

This way of shooting is quite simple. You just need to move the gun across the table and then shoot continuously at all corners of the screen. At this time, the odds of hitting big and small fish will be the same. And you will have more chances to take down bigger fish.

Apply the strategy of gradually increasing ammo

The strategy of gradually increasing bullets is one of the strategies favored by many bettors in H5 fish shooting. Because applying this way of playing is extremely simple. Players just need to gradually increase their ammo each turn. Like the first bullet is 1 bullet then gradually increase the bullet to 2 bullets, 3 bullets…

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Using this tactic will cause the fish to die at the same time. And players will gain more bonuses than if they applied pan-shooting tactics.

However, players also need to know how to use this strategy flexibly and consider carefully when their capital is not much. Because this way of playing requires players to have a fairly large amount of capital.

Use the continuous shooting strategy

Use the continuous shooting strategy

Another strategy that is also applied by many bettors is to focus on one fish and shoot continuously at it until the fish dies. This is a strategy that helps players easily earn bonus points from the bookmakers.

At the PHMACAO bookmaker, many bettors earn a large amount of money when applying this continuous shooting strategy in the H5 fish shooting game. However, players need to choose fish with a score that matches the amount of capital they have. To avoid the situation where in the middle of shooting, the bullet runs out and the target swims away.


With our article sharing the secret to shooting H5 fish at PHMACAO for new players above. Hopefully, all readers have a better understanding and gain more experience in this fish shooting game. Hope you have a fun experience and earn lots of bonus points from PHMACAO.

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