Introducing the exciting game of three-hand blackjack for beginners!

Three-hand blackjack is still unfamiliar to domestic bettors. This game originates from abroad but is very attractive and worthy of your trying. Phmacao will share with you about Blackjack and how to play it extremely easily.

Explain the Three-hand blackjack Blackjack game

Explain the Three-hand blackjack Blackjack game

Blackjack is a completely new version of the casino betting game system. It has some similarities with the two card games of scratch cards and blackjack. Many people also say this is another name for blackjack. But in fact, this game also has its own unique characteristics, bringing a lot of appeal to everyone.

Blackjack was born not long ago but has created many fevers in the domestic and foreign entertainment markets. This game gives you the adventure to conquer many difficult people in the US, Hong Kong, and Macau markets.

3-hand blackjack allows you to bet on any 3 cards on the table, not just limiting the number of participants to 3 as many people think. Thereby, you can increase your rewards or not lose too much when you are unlucky. An extremely interesting game, always putting the experiencer’s emotions first.

How to play Three-hand blackjack professionally

The method of playing Blackjack is extremely easy, up to 90% similar to the regular blackjack you often play. It does not require many conditions and reasoning like poker, so everyone has an equal chance and probability of winning. Below is a summary of how to play 3-hand Blackjack for new players.


In a set of cards consisting of 6 decks of 52 cards, the banker will deal the first 2 cards to the participant. Your task is to consider the size of the inside score to calculate the next step to bet. Calculating points is extremely easy, you just need to count the buttons just like scratch cards.

With card A is 1 or 11 as desired, 3 cards are 10 points each and the remaining cards are based on printed numbers from 2-10. Blackjack also has terms that not everyone knows well, such as:

Blackjack: There is a combination of 1 Western card and 1 A card, regardless of quality, for example K-A is a “blackjack”.

Poker: Two Aces together, also known as a pair of Aces.

21 points: The largest number of points each player has, but still smaller than blackjack and poker.

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Quack: When the score is not high, the banker continues to deal the cards. However, if your total exceeds 21, the game is considered lost.

How to play 3-hand Blackjack is easy to understand

How to play 3-hand Blackjack

During the process of playing Blackjack, you have the right to make requests such as placing more bets or giving up to preserve your capital. However, according to the rules of the game, you need to go through some of the following tricks:

Split the cards: When the first 2 cards are dealt, if the 2 cards are the same in number, you have the right to split them into 2 different hands and continue to deal the cards. If the next card appears again, the player can play. Maximum 3 capacitors per house.

Double: After having a card, if you feel your card has a high chance of winning, boldly double your bet. At the same time, the dealer will deal an additional third card.

Insurance: A rule that has never existed before in the history of card games, the game allows players with A cards to buy insurance. When the dealer has Blackjack, you will receive additional money according to the bonus level, and otherwise, you will only lose about 50% of the initial capital.

Play 3-hand Blackjack at the dealer

Currently, there are many playgrounds serving 3-hand Blackjack, bettors must know how to choose the place that is right for them. In addition to the big casinos in the world, you can go to online betting floors. A multi-dimensional space with many great features about playing cards that you wouldn’t expect.

For example, bookmaker 30jili always ensures that you experience sublime emotions when betting. It is the place with the best service quality on the market and many incentive activities for players. For Blackjack, betting websites always have beautiful interfaces, stable systems, and quick deposit and withdrawal operations for bettors.

Playing Three-hand blackjack is really simple. Anyone can catch up and become a card game master in a snap. Try this game at Bookmaker 30jili today.

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