How do I read soccer odds at Phlove?

How to read soccer odds helps rookies have easy access to popular betting solutions. Join phlove to learn the most basic types of bets and how to read, understand, and participate in soccer betting effectively through specific analysis in the article below.

Knowledge about soccer betting

Knowledge about soccer betting

Before analyzing how to read soccer odds, players need to grasp some general knowledge about soccer odds and house odds. Some of the basic definitions below are essential for players to understand ball betting:

Bookie odds: Bookie odds are a table of odds of football matches provided by bookmakers to players participating in online betting. House bets are offered with many types of bets and many different handicaps.

Handicap: A type of bet that offers two betting options for players to choose: betting on the upper team (stronger team) and the lower team (weaker team) with different payout rates.

Over/under bet: An over/under bet with the odds given by the house. This bet is applied to calculate the total number of goals, the total number of penalty cards, etc., depending on the type of bet.

Odds ratio: Is the ratio given with an index as a formula to calculate the bonus for the player when winning or losing a bet. This rate is different for each match and round, and at the bookies, it is completely different.

How to read popular football odds for rookies

Below is how to read football odds applied to popular types of bets on house odds tables around the world.

Analysis of Asian handicaps

Even ball odds (0-0): No team handicaps any other team; if the player bets on which team wins, the bet will be won, and if the team loses, vice versa. This bet will be refunded to the player when the match is a draw.

1/4 Handicap or Half Bet (0.25, 0-0.5): This bet offers the opportunity to bet half the money and lose half the bet when the match ends in a draw. Players have two places to bet and whichever team wins will win the player’s entire prize money or lose all their bets.

1/2 Handicap: This handicap gives players the opportunity to win all their money or lose all their money, without the opportunity to win half or lose half their money. With this bet, the upper bet will win when the difference is 1 goal or more and the lower bet will win when the team draws or wins.

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3/4 handicap (0.75 bet, left and half bet, 0.5/1): If you bet on this handicap, the upper team will win half the money if they win by 1 goal, and win all the money if they win by more than 1 goal. The underdog team has a chance to win all their money or lose half their money…

Handicap bets 1 1/4, 1 1/2, 1 3/4 also apply the same calculation method as the above bets but increase the handicap amount by integer. The calculation is also easy, players can make simple inferences themselves.

Besides, there are integer handicaps such as 1, 2, 3-ball handicaps that are easy for players to understand and participate in.

How to read over/under football odds

Over/under football odds as mentioned above are a type of bet that gives an initial rate for players to choose over – placing the upper bet or under – placing the under bet. This type of bet is called on the odds tables as o/u bet with different odds given by the house for each match and each round.

Over/under bets also flexibly apply integer or decimal rates depending on the bookie’s initial assessment. For example, we can see that some matches offer over/under odds of 2 goals, 3 goals, and there are also matches that offer o/u odds of 3.5, 4.5…

Players apply the total number of goals in the match or penalty cards, corners, throw-ins, etc. as a basis for calculating the bonus or loss received in the bets they participate in.


European handicap 1X2

European handicap 1X2

How to read soccer odds – European odds, also known as 1X2 odds, is relatively simple. This is a long-standing football bet that many people choose to participate in with simple gameplay, specifically:

The player bets on one of 3 possibilities from the 1X2 ball bet:

1: bet the home team wins

X: bet on two tied teams

2: choose the away team to win

At each betting door, there is a corresponding odds ratio. The result of the match is based on the betting door and the odds ratio as a basis for determining winning or losing and calculating the playing money.


Our article shares the most basic way to read football odds with interested readers through quite specific analyzed content. Soccer betting can be said to provide entertainment and money-making opportunities for all players in the current technological age. Register now for phlove to experience reputable, quality betting as well as learn more exciting betting gaming experiences.

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