God of Fortune fish shooting – Tips for shooting cypress fish to hit

With many outstanding skills loved by many brothers, it’s hard to ignore the game God of Fortune fish shooting – one of the most popular fish shooting games today. PHMACAO offers fish shooters a vast ocean space with hundreds of different types of fish. To become a professional gamer, you cannot ignore this number 1 tip for playing fish shooting in the Philippines.

Introduction to God of Fortune fish shooting

Introduction to God of Fortune fish shooting

Fish shooting with outstanding features and many unique reward game modes, the game is becoming the hottest trend today. There is a team building games with attractive and dramatic content at each level. There is also a professional and classy customer care department. Don’t let gamers feel uncomfortable while playing.

Along with the appearance of hundreds of fish species with different colors, giving players a colorful ocean space in the world of fish shooting games. Not only that, Fish Shooting is a combination of an online coin-winning fish shooting game and a supermarket fish shooting game.

Players can freely choose a fish shooting room that suits their fish shooting skills and financial ability, to bring themselves the biggest bonuses. Brings players a relaxing and enjoyable feeling when experiencing the game. That’s why Fish Shooting is loved by many gamers and has become the number 1 king of fish shooting games in the Philippines.

Game tips God of Fortune fish shooting

Game tips God of Fortune fish shooting

Talking about fish shooting games is no longer strange to gamers. With many attractive incentive programs and prestigious rewards when defeating lucky fish and big fish, gamers will receive coins to exchange for cash or scratch cards.

Mustache playing tips

Those who practice playing fish shooting online should not rush to shoot big fish to make a quick profit but forget about small fish. This is an extremely dangerous mistake that many people make. If you have just registered to participate, you should shoot small fish first, because your skills are still weak and you won’t have enough bullets to shoot big fish. Because big fish or lucky fish don’t die, players will lose these bullets and won’t be able to shoot them. Get a bonus coin.

A strategy for beginners is to take advantage of the small angle of the camera to shoot small fish. Before shooting each bullet, the player should rotate the gun barrel continuously around the table and shoot each bullet in one direction, making sure each bullet hits 1 fish. You can try 4 to 5 bullets with a larger fish.

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Shoot fish when you have enough bullets

When a gamer owns a large amount of money, shooting small fish is no longer necessary, but should choose bigger fish or fortune fish. In particular, to easily defeat large fish as quickly as possible, prioritize using large-caliber bullets. For each giant fish that the player hunts, the reward amount can be 50 times – 100 times higher. corresponding to the amount of bullet spent.

Combine wall shooting and target shooting

This is a highly effective strategy, applied quite a lot by players when participating in Fish Shooting. With this strategy, the player will shoot at the wall so that the bullets bounce back, and at the same time use the correct features of the bullets. Thus, the ability to shoot many fish will be much higher because the target is shot by 2 bullet sources.

Shoot as soon as the fish leaves the table

Shoot as soon as the fish leaves the table

Gamers should carefully observe the fish that have just come off the table and deal with it immediately because these fish can easily die immediately when they come off the table. At this point, enjoying the bonus coins in your hand is easy, if the player can calculate the probability that the fish may die as soon as they leave the table. The important thing to do now is that gamers just need to load bullets into the corners of the table and then wait for the fish to leave the table to shoot quickly.

Take note of the reward levels of the fish species

Gamers must always remember the number of coins of the fish in the ocean when destroying them. When determining the number of bullets needed to shoot them, to ensure that killing the fish is more accurate, you will get a higher number of coins, without wasting bullets.


God of Wealth Fish Shooting deserves to be the most unique fish shooting game today, with the tips for playing in the article on PHMACAO, we hope to help you have the best strategies to conquer coins. Double the reward.

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