Basketball Betting – Rules and Odds

Basketball betting is a not-too-new betting genre in the Philippine gaming market. And the unique point of this game genre is that it’s easy to win money. Besides, the basketball market is increasingly growing in Vietnam, so this is an opportunity not to be missed by professional players and bookmakers. Let’s find out with jlbet ph what basketball betting is as well as these types of sports betting.

Learn Basketball Betting

The rules of basketball betting have not changed much compared to the rules of this sport. Betting types from handicap to over/under or 1×2 are also the basic betting rules in sports betting in general. And this is the advantage that basketball players love, not much has changed in the betting table. However, with your thinking ability, basketball odds are much easier to play and win than soccer.

The simplest way to read basketball betting odds

And as we learned above, the biggest difference between these two sports is the competition time and regulations. If football is 2 main halves, each half is 45 minutes plus overtime. As for basketball, it is 4 quarters with each quarter being 15 minutes. Quarters 1 and 2 will be combined into quarter 1 and quater 3 and 4 will be quarter 2. The break time between quarters is 5 minutes and 2 halves is 15 minutes.

Because of such a division, there will also be corresponding divisions in the house odds table, so that players can easily follow and participate in betting. The symbol for the quarter is Q and the half is H. And now players understand why basketball has the symbols Q1 – Q2 – Q3 – Q4, and H1 – H2. In addition to betting on the quarter or half, basketball players can also bet on the entire match, which is Fulltime. With full-time bets, the match time will be the same as Quarters and overtime (if any).

Latest Odds Types At PHMACAO

Latest Odds Types At PHMACAO

Normally with major international basketball tournaments, PHMACAO will open bets 1 to 3 days in advance for members to watch. The odds will be continuously updated 24/24 to ensure the most optimal house odds table. Along with that is related information such as match time, stadium, form, etc. of the teams and tournaments for players to update.

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Like football, basketball sports also have the following popular bet types:

Handicap bets: are the most common type of bet today, based on computer statistics. The house will give corresponding and appropriate odds. Therefore, players can easily identify each team. The winning point for basketball bets is that the odds are largely based on statistics rather than side information. Therefore, the assessment is uncertain, and constantly changing. And that is the advantage of basketball betting.

Over/under bet: based on the total number of points scored by the two teams to make this bet, and this is the type of bet that most people are interested in and pay attention to. With this bet, players only need to bet based on statistical results or expert assessments to have the most objective view.

Odd-even odds: This odds is similar to soccer odds, betting is based on the total number of points scored by the two teams, with the number of units being even or odd to calculate the bet result.

There are also many other interesting bet types such as money line bets, head-to-head bets, and bets on the first player to score…

Experience in playing basketball odds for beginners

Experience in playing basketball odds for beginners

To make you feel more secure when participating in this game, I have tried to summarize and synthesize personal and expert experience in this field. Below are simple and effective experiences for all basketball bettors:

Choose betting time as fulltime

Prioritize choosing full over quarter or halftime: with this advice, players want to play the whole match rather than playing in each quarter or half. Playing the whole match will help you have a more general assessment, as well as make it easier to win.

Choosing a handicap above 20 is safe

Unlike football, scoring goals is very difficult, in basketball it is simpler. Depends on the ability of that team. However, the bookmaker’s calculator will be based primarily on historical statistics. Therefore, teams that are rated higher will have very high handicaps. Choosing a team with this ratio is absolutely safe and effective.

Choose over 240 when you have the chance

Similar to the handicap ratio, over/under over 240 is rare, so for big teams, players should boldly bet on the stronger team with high betting odds. This is more effective and safer for everyone


Above are the general concepts of basketball betting. And with the growing market, PHMACAO is also a strength for the online betting market in general and basketball in particular. Let’s follow along to update more useful information related to sports betting.

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