Effective Baccarat Strategy: Tips to Increase Winning Chances

Sure, you’re here to learn a win-win strategy to play baccarat like a high roller. However, any experienced baccarat player will tell you that there is no specific strategic plan to succeed in baccarat. It is explained by the fact that baccarat is a game of chance where you have a 50/50 chance of winning or losing. You may ask why players like baccarat if it doesn’t depend on them whether they win or not. Gamblers are participating in baccarat because it brings a lot of fun and other uplifting emotions. Moreover, although there is no specific Baccarat strategy, you still have to learn the basic rules and card values, which helps you play like a pro.

What are the Baccarat Rules?

What are the Baccarat Rules?

Needless to say, when you are going to try any new game, you should get acquainted with its rules first – otherwise, you are likely to fail and lose your money. Baccarat is not an exception, meaning that you should know all the features of baccarat – rules and card values.

That’s why after learning the rules, you are ready to start playing this game of chance. On this page, PHMACAO will give you a brief introduction to the mechanics of baccarat, and this knowledge can be used by you at both land-based casinos as well as live dealer baccarat games.

The baccarat game is held at a round table that consists of up to 14 players, 2 of whom are dealers. Each baccarat game player should decide whether they will bet on the banker or the player – this choice should be made before the cards are dealt. Not only 2 standard bets can be placed, but also a third bet – a tie. Players bet on a tie if they think that both the banker and the player will have the same number of points.

When participants place bets, the dealer will deal the cards. The concept of the game is to get as close to 9 points as possible. Imagine that a banker has 6 points while a player 8 points – the player wins. All participants who have bet on the player also win. When both the dealer and the player have the same number of points, set it to 7, those who bet on the tie will win. If the number of points exceeds 9, then the number 10 will be subtracted. For example, a player gets 16 points – the current score is 6.

What bets should you avoid and why?

What bets should you avoid and why?

We advise you to avoid betting on a tie, however, it is not mandatory, and you are free to act according to your feelings. Our advice is based on two main reasons – the house edge at 14% and the odds are low enough compared to the banker and player bets. Look at the odds of each bet below:

Banker bet

Experienced players often bet more often on Banker bets due to the high odds of winning. All baccarat experts give a piece of advice to bet specifically on the banker because the banker often wins more than other bets. This is why bank bets include a 5% commission. However, the commission does not repel both first-time and professional players, so they continue to bet on this bet. Moreover, experts suggest that players should bet on the banker continuously until the player bet wins.

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Also, you should not bet on the player right after losing but the dealer wait for a round and then only choose the player bet. It is important to understand that hot and cold tables as well as wins and losses are a fish story. Players tend to think that after a few repeated results of a game, the opposite result will occur, however, this fact cannot be explained mathematically and therefore cannot be true.

Player bet

Although in fact, bank bets are considered a winning option in the game of baccarat, the commission included can affect your bank account. Most players apply the Martingale strategy, known as the simplest strategy, to avoid losses. According to this Baccarat strategy, players should increase their bet after losing and recoup all losses this way. Let’s see how this strategy works in practice:

  • You bet $5 and lose (bankroll is -5)
  • You bet $10 and lose (bankroll is -15)
  • You bet $20 and win (bankroll is +5)
  • You bet $5 and lose (bankroll is 0)
  • You bet $10 and win (bankroll is +10)
  • You bet $5 and win (bankroll is +15)

However, there are some specific drawbacks in the system, so it can be the opposite and you lose more money. Speaking of player betting, although the odds of winning are slightly less, there is one main advantage – players do not have to pay commission.

Tie Bet

Due to Baccarat’s low house edge, it doesn’t bring as much profit to the casino as other games of chance. While betting on the banker and player, the casino’s advantage is 1.06% and 1.26%, respectively. With a tie bet, the house edge is relatively large and up to more than 14%. Determined to bet on a tie (the odds of winning are a little less than 10% and the house edge is high) means accepting the biggest risk.

Play the Demo version of Baccarat and put your knowledge into practice

The task of informing you about the standard rules and bets of baccarat has been completed, and it is time for you to apply your knowledge in practice. Below, you can see the demo version of baccarat developed by Pragmatic Play and play completely free. The game demo is based on standard baccarat rules with payouts that you can see above the demo.

In the game demo, 8 decks are used and the letters P, B, T stand for Player, Banker and Ties, respectively. Betting limits vary from 1 to 100 and 500 free credits are provided to give you the chance to try out different betting systems that you can read below.

Positive and Negative Progression Systems

Positive and Negative Progression Systems

We are moving to some of the most popular strategies in baccarat for gamblers – positive and negative progression systems as well as flat betting systems. Let’s start with the first 2 opposites. 2 progressions are used to prevent bankroll from decreasing by scaling bets to match the outcome of each round.

If you want to reduce the house edge, your choice should belong to the fixed betting system because using this Baccarat strategy, you do not have to change the bet size. While baccarat masters are not too optimistic about positive and negative progressions, flat betting limits are considered optimal.

The final strategy may not bring you such a big prize, however, applying it, you will control your bank account. Below, you can find a table showing how the flat betting strategy works in practice and on top of that, we have prepared a list of the main advantages this Baccarat strategy brings.

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Card counting strategy in baccarat – Is it a good method to scan the board?

Card counting became popular in blackjack games after a book called “Beat the Dealer” was published in 1964. Many players have proven that the winning plan described in this book works in practice, and therefore this strategy is banned in casinos. The process of the Blackjack game is controlled, so when participants are caught using this strategy, they will be immediately eliminated.

Baccarat players are allowed to apply card counting tactics and that is one of the reasons why baccarat leaves blackjack. Experts say that this tactic has a very high chance of winning the house, however, the profit may be negligible. This means players should not waste their precious time on this strategy. In general, it’s up to you and if you’re determined to apply it, we have a separate section on our website dedicated to the counting card strategy.

Top Tips for Baccarat Strategy

  • Practice makes perfect. As with anything, it takes time to learn and implement a strategy with confidence, so take your time and practice. Try different strategies and play with low stakes to understand how different styles of play work.
  • Shop around. While sticking to a single strategy is the fastest way to implement it, researching and trying out a few different strategies can help you find the one that works best for you. Try experimenting with different playing styles.
  • Master your preferences. Once you’ve reviewed and tried a few strategies, find the one that works best for you and maximize it. Take the time to get acquainted with it and learn everything you can to become a master. Here, many practice methods still apply, so find your strategy of choice and make it your main focus when practicing.
  • Find the game for you. Once you’ve found the best Baccarat strategy for you, try some baccarat variations and find the one that works best for you. Whether you like the simplicity of Dragon Tiger 2 cards, enjoy the fast-paced nature of Speed Baccarat or just want that classic experience, try a few experiences and see what you like.
  • Set limits and stick to them. Set limits and stick to them to make sure you don’t spend more than you intended. If you need help setting limits including deposit limits and number of sessions, check out our Safer Gambling Tools series which can be applied in

Bankroll Management Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

These strategies are indeed helpful for players to succeed in the game of baccarat, however, most players often forget about bankroll management, causing them to run out of money. All those who participate in gambling should remember that even high-level players can experience losses because baccarat is a game of absolute luck. There is one great piece of advice worth following – don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

Before joining a baccarat game, you should set the bet size and the amount in your bankroll that you can afford to lose. If your losses exceed the specified amount, you should leave the table. Leaving the table as a winner will bring you a lot of joy. There are the most common delusional beliefs in a game:

  • I’m almost close to winning. This is the state when the player continues to bet in the hope that they are about to win.
  • I have control of a game. When players can roll the dice, squeeze cards, they tend to believe they are in control of a game, which is an illusion.
  • I’m about to win because I’ve suffered so many losses. This belief is known as the gambler’s fallacy, meaning that after a series of losses, the player will have a winning streak.

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